Axial joint for TOYOTA CARINA 45503-29155

Code: EH-0028

TOYOTA CARINA (TA1_) [1973-1978]
TOYOTA CARINA (TA4L, TA6_L) [1973-1983]
TOYOTA CARINA Mk II (_T17_) [1987-1992]
TOYOTA CARINA Mk II Estate (_T17_) [1987-1992]
TOYOTA CARINA Mk II Saloon (_T17_) [1987-1992]
TOYOTA CARINA Station Wagon (TA4K, TA6K) [1978-1983]
TOYOTA CELICA Coupe (_A6_) [1981-1985]
TOYOTA CELICA Coupe (RA4_, TA4_) [1977-1981]
TOYOTA CELICA Hatchback (TA60, RA40, RA6_) [1977-1985]


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Axial joint for TOYOTA CARINA 45503-29155

EH NO. : EH-0028
OEM NO. : 45503-29155; J4842021; TO-AX-1730; SR-2820

Customers who cooperate with EH always with a caliper.

Not like most Chinese factories produce just so so products with one standard, EH is a manufacturer which is specialized in high quality customized steering and suspension parts.

Like ball joints, tie rod ends, control arms, rack ends, stabilizer links.

EH is ISO 9001 factory. We understanding deeply and grasped a variety of production process by long-term strategic cooperation with Italy, Japan, and American factories.Let’s work together to make your items outstanding in the market.


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Dimensions 30 × 8 × 8 cm




Make Model Year
TOYOTA CARINA 1973 - 1978
TOYOTA CARINA 1973 - 1983
TOYOTA CARINA 1978 - 1983
TOYOTA CARINA Mk II 1987 - 1992
TOYOTA CELICA 1977 - 1981
TOYOTA CELICA 1977 - 1985
TOYOTA CELICA 1981 - 1985